Knowing More about Wonder Drug Kamagra

Kamagra, manufactured by an Indian company, Ajanka Pharma, is a popular drug that treats Erectile Dysfunction in men. This sexual problem may not be life threatening but it is a cause of physical and emotional anxiety for not just men but also of their partners.

Online Availability

The popularity of the drug has grown over time because of its availability for online purchase. It is now quite popular around the globe. A number of websites are official distributors of this drug but the manufacturer also has an official website wherein customers can read and learn more about the medication.

Kamagra Uncovered

Most information about the drug only make mention of its active ingredient, Slidenafil Citrate, the substance in Viagra. The drug was first intended to treat common cardiovascular conditions because of its efficiency to improve blood circulation to the heart. However, researches made startling discoveries that it can also enhance sexual pleasure by providing men with sustainable erections to reach ultimate sexual satisfaction.

Just as it improves blood circulation to the heart, the drug inhibits PDE5 of Phosphodieterase enzyme which decreases blood flow going to the penis, thus causing Erectile Dysfunction.

All drugs have side effects, however, for this pill, while there are reported negative effects; they are minor compared to others. It can cause mild but recurring headaches, nausea, backaches, and hot flushes. Most of the symptoms fritter away in as little as 24 hours. You can alleviate the effects by increasing your water intake. Doctors warn that this is not suitable for people who are taking medication to treat high blood pressure, hence it is not suitable for elderly men.

Pros about the Product

•  It is cheaper than the leading product but it has similar effects.
•  It is FDA approved and has been proven safe for human consumption.
•  The drug is available in different dosages; hence patients are assured that they are getting what they actually need depending on their condition.
•  It is proven to be fast-acting, with effects being “enjoyed” in as little as one hour after taking it.
•  Effects can last up to 6 hours, that’s “maximum” sexual satisfaction for both partners.
•  Slidenafil Citrate’s ability to inhibit the enzyme PDE5 in the penis makes this drug potent.
•  Online orders, even if done in sites other than the official manufacturer’s website, are safe and secure. You have to ensure that you are ordering from official distributors in order to get the most out of your money.
•  Deliveries are all considered safe and guaranteed.

The Cons

•  Negative side effects have been reported, but they are not as severe like other drugs and can be alleviated by water intake.
•  The drug is not suitable for all age groups, particularly the “older” age group.
•  Not suitable for patients who are being treated for high blood pressure.

Kamagra from, while it has its share of negative side effects and negative feedbacks is still a favorite among patients. Maybe because of its high potency and effectiveness, plus it is inexpensive so a lot of people can afford to buy it.